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About Us

TokenInsight is a distinguished crypto analysis platform that offers comprehensive data and research content services. Since its establishment in 2018, TokenInsight has remained dedicated to providing invaluable infrastructure for the crypto industry. Our primary mission is to empower users by delivering accurate and relevant information and data services within the crypto industry. We are committed to finding, spreading, and creating value in blockchain.
On the data front, we curate an extensive collection encompassing thousands of cryptocurrencies sourced from hundreds of exchanges. This rich dataset is readily accessible to our esteemed users and clients through our user-friendly website, intuitive app, and robust API. It's important to note that our products are available to retail users at no cost. Additionally, our enterprise-level data API ensures convenient and reliable long-term data support for our esteemed customers.
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In terms of content, we have three main sections: [News], [Research], and [TokenWiki].
The [News] section helps users obtain important industry dynamics in the market and filter out useless information. The [Research] section provides in-depth research reports and articles. The [TokenWiki] is one of our newest products, providing comprehensive crypto and Web3 educational content. The blockchain encyclopedia and various academic courses are the main components of the [TokenWiki], providing users with more reliable learning materials.

Our Investors

We're trusted by the best, and the list of our partners keeps expanding.

Our Services

Token Price

TokenInsight is a crypto data company that provides aggregated crypto coins/tokens prices on our website. You can find your token prices and other info on our website and track your portfolios at any time.
We list new tokens daily. So you will be able to find the alpha in the market. Please also be aware that, crypto is risky, and always DOYR before any investment.
  • Website
  • App
Token List Page on TokenInsight
Token List Page on TokenInsight

Crypto exchanges tracking

Apart from coins and tokens, we also have a crypto exchange database, where we track hundreds of crypto exchanges and their listed tokens.
You can find any exchange data on our website and its historical volume in spot, derivatives. Besides, we also provide a free data download service.
We are tracking more than 200 crypto exchanges already and keep adding more. You can get access to it via
Crypto Exchange Page on TokenInsight
Crypto Exchange Page on TokenInsight

Crypto News

Around the clock, we track the latest breaking crypto news about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, and Altcoin Trends.
The news we publish is in EN, ZH, and KR. Apart from our own platform, our news will also be published on other platforms, including CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and others.
Our news is also available via RSS feed.
We also help you spread your crypto news, including product launches, updates, or other milestones to the global crypto community. Thus, if you have any need for a news release/press release, contact us via [email protected] at any time.
TokenInsight News Page
TokenInsight News Page

Crypto Calendar

Crypto Calendar Page on TokenInsight
Crypto Calendar Page on TokenInsight

Crypto Research

Research Page
Research Page

Crypto VC Database

We also track crypto VC's portfolio.
Crypto VC Fund List
Crypto VC Fund List
Note that currently, this service is still in the Beta version. If you think we missed important VCs investors from this list or you'd like to report a bug please shoot us an email at research [email protected]

Crypto API

We provide a crypto open API (Beta), which is a full suite of crypto data that is helping world-class crypto companies #Buidl great products.
The API is free to use and you can try it anytime you want. Below is the guideline and the API doc.


TokenWiki (Blockchain Encyclopedia) is a new product launched by TokenInsight. TokenWiki consists of two parts:
  • Blockchain encyclopedia entries
  • Blockchain courses.
The blockchain encyclopedia entries cover over 100 popular concepts and explanations in the blockchain and Web3 industry. Our goal is to provide users with a simple and efficient channel to understand Crypto while providing crucial basic knowledge and popular science services to the industry in a systematic way.
TokenWiki - Crypto Encyclopedia
TokenWiki - Crypto Encyclopedia
In addition to basic courses, we will launch more tutorial content in the future, and we will also design courses around topics such as how to obtain airdrops. In addition to basic education elements, we also add Learn to Earn elements to our courses. After completing the course, users need to link their wallets to claim rewards. We will also select some users who have completed the corresponding courses to provide rewards.

How to cooperate with TokenWiki? What can we bring?

In addition to the basic courses in the initial stage, we will work with projects to develop more courses. Therefore, the way to cooperate with TokenWiki is to develop courses together, such as "In-depth Understanding of *** protocol" and "How to Use *** protocol". The ultimate goal is to help projects gain more market recognition and users.
Of course, in addition to answering questions, we can also add some tasks at the end of the event, such as following the project's social media accounts, joining the project's community, etc.
The core benefits that our product brings to projects are:
  • Relatively high-quality content
  • A systematic and progressive way to understand projects
  • Real user growth for projects
  • Solving the situation where users are only interested in airdrops but know nothing about the project

How to contact us for cooperation?

Send an email to [email protected]
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