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Introducing TokenWiki — your comprehensive guide to the vast realms of web3 and crypto. Powered by TokenInsight, we aim to simplify, elucidate, and empower.

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  • Spanning over 200 pivotal concepts, our encyclopedia is a treasure trove of explanations for the blockchain and Web3 domains. Our mission? To bridge the knowledge gap, transforming complexities into clear, digestible insights.


  • Journey through courses tailored to every crypto enthusiast. From "Blockchain Basics" to "Mastering DeFi" and a deep dive into "Memecoin Trading," we guide your exploration. Plus, with our unique Learn-to-Earn approach, course completion comes with tangible rewards. Link your wallet and be part of exciting reward opportunities, including cash rewards and exclusive airdrops!

Partner with TokenWiki: Elevate Your Project

Wondering how? By crafting bespoke courses like "In-depth Exploration of [Your Protocol]" or "How to Utilize [Your Protocol]."Benefits Awaiting Your Project:
  • Collaborative course creation that illustrates your project's essence.
  • Amplified market presence and user growth via our platform.
  • Genuine user engagement, ensuring they resonate with your core, not just the perks.

Showcase Success: Our Collaboration with OKX

Our achievements with OKX paint the picture of our potential. A whopping 46k+ website views, 3k+ badges claimed, and a significant buzz on social media.
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Ready to Collaborate? Here's What We Need:

  • An introduction to your project.
  • The core message for your course.
  • Incentives: tokens, NFTs, whitelists, or other unique rewards.

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