Privacy Policy

Please read the "Privacy Policy" carefully and make sure you understand our rules for handling your personal information. During the reading process, if you have any questions, you can give us feedback at any time. If you do not agree to any terms in the agreement, you should stop accessing Tokeninsight immediately.
The following is the text of Tokeninsight's "Privacy Policy":
In order to effectively protect the privacy rights of Tokeninsight users and optimize the user experience, the Tokeninsight operator (hereinafter referred to as "we") has formulated this privacy policy in accordance with current regulations and policies. This privacy policy will detail the policies and measures of Tokeninsight operators in obtaining, managing, and protecting users' personal information. This privacy policy applies to all services provided to you by Tokeninsight operators, regardless of whether you obtain Tokeninsight services through computer equipment, mobile terminals, or other equipment.
If you have any questions about this privacy policy or related matters, you can contact us at any time by visiting the Tokeninsight online feedback system, Tokeninsight official service account, and other methods. We have formulated this "Privacy Policy" and esspecially reminded: The terms of this privacy policy are the basic documents for your use of Tokeninsight services and various functions. We hope that you read carefully before using Tokeninsight services and make it clear that you have fully understood and accepted the terms of this policy. We hope you can make a suitable choice based on your own understanding.
The terms of this privacy policy will help you understand the following:
  • The personal information involved in this privacy policy includes:
    • Basic information (including personal name, birthday, gender, address/personal location information; network identification information (including system account number, IP address, email address, and related passwords and passwords related to the foregoing);
    • Network identification information (including system account number, IP address, email address, and related passwords and passwords related to the foregoing);
    • Personal Internet records (including search records, software usage records, and click records);
    • Personal common device information (including hardware model, device MAC address, operating system type, software list unique device identification code such as IMEI/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID, SIM card IMSI information, etc., describing the basic situation of personal common equipment information).
  • Personal sensitive information refers to personal information that, once leaked, illegally provided, or misused, may endanger the safety of people and property, and easily lead to personal reputation, physical and mental health damage, or discriminatory treatment. The personal sensitive information involved in this privacy policy includes:
    • Network identification information (including account name, account nickname, email address, and password and password protection questions and answers related to the foregoing);
    • Other information (including address book, itinerary information, web browsing history, precise location information, etc.)
    • Relevant identification.
We will collect and use your information in accordance with the privacy policy, but we will not collect personal information in a mandatory binding manner just because of your agreement to this privacy policy.
When you use or turn on relevant functions or use services, we will collect and use relevant information in order to realize the functions and services necessary. Unless it is necessary to achieve basic business functions or in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, you can refuse to provide without affecting other functions or services. We will explain what is necessary information item by item in the privacy policy.
If you are not logged in to your account, we will use the identifier information corresponding to the device to ensure the basic functions of the information push. If you log in to your account, we will push information based on the account information.
Tokeninsight may call some of your device permissions. These permissions will not be turned on by default. They will only be used to implement specific functions or services with your express authorization. You can also withdraw authorization by turning off the corresponding business functions. The following is our call for your equipment:
Album, storage, reading, mobile phone status, calendar read and write permissions, it is especially important to point out that even if we have obtained the aforementioned sensitive permissions with your express authorization, we will not collect your information when you are not using related functions or services.
This privacy policy applies to your access and use of our products and services through the Tokeninsight application, Tokeninsight webpage, Tokeninsight software development kit (SDK), and application programming interface (API) for third-party websites and applications.

1 How Do We Collect and Use Your Information?

1.1 Register and log in

When you register, log in to the Tokeninsight platform and receive related services, you can create an account through your email, and you can complete the relevant network identification information (avatar, nickname, password, etc.). In order to help you complete the registration, we will collect your account nickname, password, email, and other information.
When you use the "Tokeninsight" search service, we will collect your search keyword information and log records. In order to provide efficient search services, some of the aforementioned information will be temporarily stored in your local storage device and can show you the content of search results and search history.

1.3 Improve our products and services

We use the collected information to provide and improve the products and services we provide, and to carry out necessary business operations, such as operating products or providing services, evaluating, maintaining, and improving the performance of products and services, developing new products and services, and providing customers support, etc. In order to improve our products and services, we may also perform statistics and analysis on product usage. At the same time, Tokeninsight may share this statistical information with the public to show the overall usage trend of our services, but this statistical information will not contain any identifying information about you.
We will use the collected information for data analysis. For example, we use the collected information to analyze and form statistical products that do not contain any personal information. We may disclose to the public and share with our partners the statistically processed data analysis information that does not contain identification content.

1.4 Safe operation

In order to ensure the safe operation of software and services, we will collect your hardware model, operating system version number, international mobile device identification code, unique device identifier, network device hardware address, IP address, WLAN access point, Bluetooth, base station, Software version number, network access method, type, status, network quality data, operation, usage, service log.
In order to prevent malicious programs and necessary for safe operation, we will collect installed application information or running process information, the overall operation of the application, usage, and frequency, application crashes, overall installation and usage, performance data, application sources, used to judge account security, perform identity verification, detect and prevent security incidents.
We may use your account information, device information, service log information, and information that our affiliated companies and partners have obtained your authorization or can share in accordance with the law to determine account security, perform identity verification, and detect & prevent security incidents.
Our products need to collect your device's Mac address, and unique device identification code (IMEI/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID, SIM card IMSI information) to provide statistical analysis services, and provide a basis for calibrating report data accuracy through geographic location Anti-cheating ability.

1.5 Changes to the purpose of collecting and using personal information

Please understand that with the development of our business, the functions and services provided by "Tokeninsight" may be adjusted and changed. In principle, when a new function or service is related to the function or service we currently provide, the personal information collected and used will be directly or reasonably related to the original processing purpose. In scenarios that are not directly or reasonably related to the original processing purpose, we will collect and use your personal information, and we will notify you again and obtain your consent.

2 How we use cookies and similar technologies

To ensure the normal operation of the website, we will store small data files called cookies on the end user’s computer or mobile device. Cookies usually contain identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. The main function of cookies is to facilitate end-users to use website products and services and to help the website count the number of independent visitors. Using Cookie technology, we can provide end-users with more thoughtful and personalized services and allow end-users to set end-user-specific service options.

2.1 Ensure the safe and efficient operation of products and services

We may set cookies or anonymous identifiers for authentication and security, so that we can confirm whether you log in to the service safely, or whether you have encountered embezzlement, fraud, or other illegal acts. These technologies will also help us improve the efficiency of our services and increase the speed of login and response.

2.2 Help you get a more relaxed access experience

Using this type of technology can help you avoid repeating the steps and processes of filling in your personal information and entering search content (example: search history).

2.3 Recommend and display content that may be of interest to you

We may use cookies and similar technologies to understand your preferences and usage habits and perform data analysis to improve products and services and recommend information or features that users are interested in. On the sharing page of Tokeninsight, we may use cookies to record browsing activities for recommending information to you, troubleshooting related exceptions related to crashes and delays, and exploring better service methods.

2.4 Clearing cookies

Most browsers provide users with the function of clearing the browser cache data. You can perform the corresponding data clearing operation in the browser settings function. If you clear it, you may not be able to use the services or corresponding functions provided by the company that rely on cookies because of these modifications.

3 How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose the personal information of end-users

3.1 Sharing

3.1.1 Sharing principle
Based on the effective protection of your information and on the basis of your consent, we will de-label your collected information to protect your information security. I hope you understand and accept that under the premise of not disclosing your personal information, Tokeninsight operators have the right to analyze your information and use it commercially. We will treat your information with a high degree of diligence. Unless the user's prior authorization and consent, we will not share the user's personal information with third parties other than the company, except that the specific individual cannot be identified and cannot be restored after processing.
(1) Authorization and consent principle: Sharing your personal information with our affiliates and third parties requires your authorization and consent and explaining the purpose of use to you, unless the shared personal information is de-identified information, and the sharing of your personal information The three parties cannot re-identify the natural person subject of such information. If related parties and third parties use the information for purposes beyond the scope of the original authorization and consent, they need to obtain your consent again.
(2) The principle of legality and minimum necessity: The data shared with related parties and third parties must have a legitimate and legitimate purpose, and the shared data must be limited to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose.
(3) Security and prudence principle: We will carefully evaluate the purpose of related parties and third-party data sharing information, comprehensively evaluate the security capabilities of these partners, and require them to comply with the cooperation legal agreement. We will conduct strict security monitoring on the software tool development kit (SDK) and application program interface (API) used by the partners to obtain information to protect data security.
3.1.2 Realization of shared information for security and analysis and statistics
We attach great importance to the security of accounts and services. In order to protect the security of your and other users’ accounts and protect your and our legitimate rights and interests from illegal infringements, we and our affiliates or service providers may be legal, legitimate, necessary, and specific. , Share the necessary equipment, account and log information for a clear purpose.
In order to analyze the usage of our services and improve the user experience, we may share statistical data on product usage (crash, crash) with related parties or third parties, which are difficult to combine with other information to identify your personal identity.

3.2 Assignment

We will not transfer your personal information to any other third parties unless we have your explicit consent.
With the continuous development of our business, we may undergo mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers, etc., and your personal information may be transferred as a result. In the event of the aforementioned changes, we will require the successor to protect your personal information in accordance with laws and regulations and the security standards not lower than this privacy policy, otherwise we will require the successor to obtain your authorization and consent again.

3.3 Disclosure

We will not publicly disclose your information unless we comply with national laws and regulations or obtain your consent. When we publicly disclose your personal information, we will adopt security protection measures that comply with industry standards.
We will disclose the relevant account information when we make announcements on penalties for illegal accounts and fraudulent acts.

4 How do we store and protect the personal information of end-users

4.1 Storage location

In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, we will take appropriate security measures and technical means to store and protect your personal information to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access or leakage, tampering, or destruction. We will strictly follow the laws and regulations and ensure the safety of end users' personal information. According to the provisions of this clause, we only allow Tokeninsight operators and other employees who need to know this information to access personal information and require them to perform the corresponding confidentiality obligations.

4.2 Storage method

We will store your information in a secure way, including local storage (for example, using APP for data caching), databases located on the server, and server logs. Under normal circumstances, we will only store your personal information for the time necessary to achieve the purpose of the service or under the conditions stipulated by laws and regulations. We use industry-wide security technologies and anonymization to prevent information loss, improper use, unauthorized reading or disclosure. For example, in some services, we will use encryption technology (such as SSL) to protect the personal information you provide.

4.3 Storage period

We only retain your personal information for the period necessary for the purpose of providing "Tokeninsight" and services, and store it for different periods of time according to different levels of personal information. The storage period is strictly in accordance with laws and relevant regulations, and the minimum period is no less than 6 moon. If the user cancels the account or voluntarily deletes the above information, we will save the user's information in accordance with the Cyber Security Law and other laws and regulations. After the user cancels his account or voluntarily deletes the above information, we will no longer commercialize the end user's personal information.

5 Manage your personal information

We will collect, use, store and transmit user information in accordance with mature security standards and regulations in the industry, and inform end-users of the purpose and scope of use of relevant information through user agreements and privacy policies.
We take your information security very seriously. We have established a dedicated team responsible for the development and application of a variety of security technologies and procedures. We will conduct security background checks on security management personnel and personnel in key security positions. We have established a complete information security management system and internal security incident handling mechanism Wait. We will adopt reasonable and feasible security measures and technical means that comply with industry standards to store and protect the personal information of end-users to prevent the loss of end users’ information, unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage, Lost or leaked. We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to protect the personal information of end-users. We will use encryption technology to ensure the confidentiality of data; we will use trusted protection mechanisms to prevent malicious attacks on data.
We will train and assess employees' awareness of data security and security capabilities to strengthen their awareness of the importance of protecting personal information. We deploy an access control mechanism to conduct identity authentication and authority control for employees who handle personal information and will sign confidentiality agreements with employees who contact your personal information, clarify job responsibilities and code of conduct, and ensure that only authorized personnel can access personal information. For employees who violate the regulations, we will strictly follow the company's internal management system and relevant laws and regulations to pursue legal liabilities.
We remind you that the Internet is not an absolutely secure environment. When you interact with other users via e-mail, SMS, social software, etc., you are not sure whether the third-party software completely encrypts the transmission of information. Please pay attention to ensure the safety of personal information. , We recommend not to send personal information through such methods to avoid personal information leakage. Please use a complex password to help us ensure the security of your account and personal information.
We also ask you to understand that due to technological limitations and rapid development in the Internet industry, as well as various malicious attack methods that may exist, even if we do our best to strengthen security measures, it is impossible to always guarantee 100% security of information. Please understand that the system and communication network you use when you use our products or services may have security problems in other links outside our control.
According to our security management system, personal information leakage, damage, or loss is listed as the most serious security incident. Once it occurs, the company's highest-level emergency plan will be activated. We will formulate emergency response plans and immediately activate emergency plans when user information security incidents occur, and strive to prevent the impact and consequences of these security incidents from expanding. In the event of a security incident (leakage or loss) related to the user's personal information, we will report to the relevant competent authority as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, and conduct timely troubleshooting and take emergency measures. At the same time, we will inform you: the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, the disposal measures we have taken or will take, suggestions that you can independently prevent and reduce risks, and remedial measures for you. We will promptly inform you of the relevant situation of the event through push notifications, emails, letters, short messages, and related forms. When it is difficult to inform you one by one, we will adopt a reasonable and effective way to issue an announcement. At the same time, we will also report the handling of user information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulatory authorities.
Once you leave "Tokeninsight" and related services, browse or use other websites, services, and content resources, we will not have the ability and direct obligation to protect any personal information you submit to software and websites other than Tokeninsight and related services, regardless of whether you log in, whether browsing or using the above software and website is based on "Tokeninsight" links or guidance.