Please note that getting projects listed on TokenInsight is totally free, and we never ask for any form of listing fee. Any DMs or representatives on behave of us for listing fees are scams. Please be alert.
TokenInsight research team will list and delist cryptocurrencies based on the following listing criteria. However, fulfilling these criteria does not mean a guaranteed listing on TokenInsight. Before a token is listed, we considered multiple contributing factors to determine the order priority of listing, the class of the project, and when to list.
TokenInsight reserves the right to publish or unpublish any listed cryptocurrencies, or exchanges on our website without prior notice if we notice that any of the presented information is inaccurate in any way. TokenInsight will not provide an update if a crypto asset/ICO/exchange fails any part of the review process.
Please note that the online application form is the ONLY way to request listings/updates to TokenInsight.

Listing Criteria (Cryptocurrencies)

TokenInsight takes the following principles into consideration when we deal with listing projects:
  • Data authenticity: Can the project substantiate its description with supporting evidence?
  • Data is verifiable: Can we verify the information from credible and independently verifiable sources?
  • Matching our standards/criteria: Fulfilling our criteria is a necessary condition to be listed on TokenInsight but not a sufficient condition, which means fulfilling these criteria does not mean a guaranteed listing on TokenInsight.
TokenInsight divided all listed cryptocurrencies and projects into 3 tiers. Tracked, Verified, and Unverified. Each tier's definition is shown as follows:
  • Unverified Listing: Projects that meet our Listing Guidelines 1-3 and their price data, supply data, and basic information were processed and revealed automatically rather than being reviewed by the TokenInsight Research team.
  • Verified Listing: Projects that meet our Listing Guidelines 1-5 and price data, supply data, and basic information are processed and reviewed by our analysts. Verified projects are marked by a tick beside the project's name on the cryptocurrency page (Currently, the tick only shows up on our recently-added page. )
  • Tracked Listing: Projects that meet our Listing Guidelines 1-7 and exhibit strengths in a number of areas of our Rating Model.
Listing Guidelines
For a cryptocurrency to be considered a tracked listing, it should fulfill the following criteria:
  1. 1.
    Must have a working, functional website that has sufficient information on the cryptocurrency that is being listed. Websites with no information on purpose, team, or social media profiles will be considered invalid.
  2. 2.
    Must have a functional block explorer.
  3. 4.
    Tokenomics and doc files are clear and comprehensive.
  4. 5.
    Provides at least 2 major social media accounts for news updating with active followers.
  5. 6.
    Provides clear and objective available supply and funding information for market cap calculation.
  6. 7.
    Must have a representative from the project with whom we can establish open lines of communication for any clarification.

Do's and Don'ts for Listing

  • Fill in as much accurate information in the Online TokenInsight Application Form.
  • Complete the form with complete and well-structured information with evidence.
  • Check and ensure that you submit your application to the correct option on the form. Applications that are submitted to the wrong option(s) on the form will be discarded.
  • Take the time to consolidate your points in a separate document before completing the form.
  • Review our Listings before submitting the application.
  • Be truthful.
  • Submit multiple requests and piecemeal information.
  • Write hyperbole and vague statements.
  • Repeatedly ask for status updates.
  • Offer financial gain to anyone for a listing.